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An essay is the key tool for evaluating student’s skills and knowledge. By assigning this task, teachers kill two birds with one stone: they check how well every student knows the study material, as well as the level of student’s writing and ability to structure own thoughts logically. The problem is that many students hate writing; they would rather work in team or read a textbook instead of composing those 2-3 and sometimes even more pages. When you come home and realize you still have a work to do for your tomorrow Biology or English Literature class, it is better to buy essays online and go partying with your friends or just have a rest that you deserve.

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An academic essay is not just a piece of paper with chaotically organized text. As you have noticed, teachers always give long instructions before assigning your homework. Usually, there are several sections specified in these instructions:

  1. paper format;
  2. topic;
  3. type of essay;
  4. deadlines;
  5. additional comments like the level of uniqueness. These five are the most significant criteria for grading your essay.

The first point means whether your paper has to be written in

  • MLA,
  • APA,
  • Turabian/Chicago,
  • Harvard
  • or any other academic style. If you buy an essay online, you may not worry about any of the rules mentioned above as our competent writers have completed thousands of academic papers, so their 10+ years of experience will help you to leave all of your peers behind.

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Topic is the next point from our numbered list. This is a tricky one. If you deal with a reflective essay or personal statement, you have to express only own emotions, reflect personal experience, and write whatever you feel is necessary. And you don’t have to search for any sources and add any references. Descriptive (or narrative) essays are not very complicated: you just have to describe an event or subject in details. It does not require anything else. But if you are asked to prepare a critical or argumentative essay, it’s about time to buy essay online and save your skin!

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